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Over the last century, Elgon Kenya has forged a solid position in the agriculture sector. When farmers choose our products, services and solutions today, they gain nearly 100 years of experience and expertise. We are firmly established in leading sectors such as Floriculture, Cereals, Seeds, Tea and coffee.


Some 120 years ago, the seeds of Elgon Kenya were sown in the dreams of the Kantaria family matriarch at a sawmill business in Redhill, Limuru. Today we can say the dream has been realized through one of the greatest agri-input companies in East Africa.
Looking back to 1898, we are proud of the journey walked by those before us as we hold the candle through generations. We have lived through interesting times, moved offices, welcomed new staff, introduced life changing farming technologies and made transformative business partners and deals.
The dream has lived on by responding to emerging trends and developing solutions to the challenges in the agriculture sector to remain competitive.
Elgon Kenya celebrates 120 years of formidable drive, passion and unmatched zeal that has won hearts and customers in Kenya and beyond.


Our mission is provide original, novel, latest, reliable and premium quality Agri–inputs and services to transform farms and lives through technology.


To become the largest “One-stop-shop” in Kenya for quality agri-inputs and packaging materials for both small and large scale entrepreneurs at a competitive prices and make Elgon Kenya a household name among flower farmers and small scale growers.



We promise honesty and transparency. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honor the commitments we make.

Customer Driven

We win when our customers win.

Future Focused  

We foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement to drive quality and better services.


Respect for our employees, customers, suppliers and community.


Original agri-input molecules supported by a dedicated technical team.


Our organization boasts several awards and industry association membership in Kenya. We are an ISO 9001 and BRC global packaging certified organization following years of excellence in the manufacture of quality, safe and legal packaging products for local and export markets.

We are also a member of SEDEX which proves our commitment in ensuring social accountability and responsibility in sourcing and marketing our products and services ethically and sustainably for better quality, consumer loyalty and to emphasize on good corporate citizenship.

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