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National Farmers Awards Categories

  1. Small scale farms gearing to commercialization
  2. Small scale farms fully commercialized – less than Kshs 50 million turnover
  3. Large scale fully commercialized – over Kshs 50 million turnover
  4. Large scale agro input dealers – With Kshs 5 million investment
  5. Small scale agro dealers – at an investment level of Kshs 2 million
  6. Women in Agriculture
  7. Youth in Agriculture
  8. Farmers Living with disabilities
  9. Large Floriculture and Horticulture
  10. Medium Floriculture and Horticulture
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In 2012, Elgon Kenya Limited partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture to scale up the Presidential Farmers’ Competitions Award Scheme into the National Farmers Awards, a bigger more inclusive event to celebrate the country’s unsung soil heroes who toil to feed the nation and grow the economy.

As a leading supplier of agriculture inputs and services for more than a century, the awards are Elgon Kenya’s best way of giving farmers a pat on the back for a job well done.

The Ministry of Agriculture welcomed the proposal to partner in this endeavour; considered the best award for food security worriers.

The Ministry provided the participation guidelines and judgment criteria. The County Governments coordinate participation from sub-county levels, select best farms and forward the names to the National Government which picks the overall winners. The Ministry officers visit the farms for verification and judging the best from which three winners per category are picked in a rigorous exercise. Among key considerations is record keeping, commitment to environmental protection, climate change mitigation measures and working environment improvement among others.

The National Champions are awarded with trophies and certificates by The President at the annual Nairobi Agricultural Show and all winners feted at an annual gala.

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