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A nematicide is a type of chemical pesticide used to kill plant-parasitic nematodes. Nematicides have tended to be broad-spectrum toxicants possessing high volatility or other properties promoting migration through the soil.



A contact nematicide for the control of plant parasitic nematodes
Reacts directly with the cuticle of the nematode. Low concentrations damage the cuticle of the nematode. Secondary effects immobilise and kill the nematode

  • Natural by-product of Sugarcane.
  • Kills harmful nematodes systematically therefore is effective also against free nematode.
  • Leaves no harmful residue on the plant or in the soil.
  • Organic & biodegradable.
Active Ingedeient: Furfural 900g/L
Rate of Use:  20L/ha
Target: Plant parasitic nematodes in Roses and French beans


Nematicide for the control of nematodes in Roses.


  •  Spectrum of Activity – Tervigo™ 020 SC has strong activity against several species of
    nematodes including the root-knot, the stubby-root, the lance, the sting, the lesion,
    the dagger, the needle, the ring, the spiral, and the stunt nematode.
  • IPM- Fitness – Tervigo™ 020 SC fits well into any IPM system. As it is applied to the soil and it is not systemic, beneficials (bees, natural enemies) will not be affected during and after application.


Active Ingedeient: Abamectin 20g/L
Rate of use: 8L/ha
Target:Plant parasitic Nematodes
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