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Your partner to control caterpillars

| Your partner to control Caterpillars

| Active Ingredient: Emamectin Benzoate 19.2g/l

| Rate:     0.5L/ha

               10mls per 20L of water


  • There is no need to add an adjustment to spray nature  as it is already present in Bellis formulation
  • Bellis is an IPM compatible product which does not cause any damage to beneficial organisms


  • Has improved efficacy on stem botrytis, head botrytis as well as post harvest botrytis
  • Offers additional advantage of controlling downy mildew and black spots, it further suppress powdery mildew
  • Ensures high yield quality flowers even when the crop is most susceptible to disease(during the rainy season)
  • Dual mode of action optimises the risk of resistance management giving the farmer a perfect option in spraying programme
  • Long lasting efficacy ensuring the flowers are protected over a long period of time
  • It has a short re entry period ensuring the safety of workers

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