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Plant nutrition is the availability and type of basic chemical element in plant. Plant fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to the media or leaf so these chemical elements are added to the growing environment of the plant. This can be through fertigation or foliar feeding.

Application of the right fertilizers contributes to the efficient use of water and can double the yield per unit of water use and increase root depth of the crop.

 TRADECORP Mo Analysis: Fe 11.6%

Chelating Agent:

 TRADEBOR Mo Analysis: B 8.1%w/w, Mo 0.9% w/w

Chelating Agent: EDTA

 MULTIMATE Analysis: N 5%w/v, S 5%w/v, Fe 3%w/v, Mn 2%w/v,Zn 3%w/v, Cu 1%w/v, Bo 0.77%w/v, Mo0.05%w/v
 TWINTECH Zn Mn Analysis: Zn 7.1% w/w, Mn 5.1% w/w, B 0.024%, Mo0.003% w/w, N 3.6%

Chelating Agent: EDTA

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