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We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Netafim, a global leader in advanced irrigation solutions. Elgon Kenya Ltd has joined forces with Netafim to bring you cutting-edge agricultural technologies and innovative irrigation systems. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way farmers cultivate their crops, enabling sustainable and efficient farming practices. With Netafim’s expertise and Elgon Kenya Ltd’s commitment to empowering farmers, we are dedicated to helping you achieve higher yields, conserve water, and optimize your agricultural endeavors. Together, we embark on a journey towards a greener, more prosperous future for farmers across Kenya.

Ultra Sonic Water Meter
Flare Coupling 12mm
Aquanet Plus
3” Lp Disc Kleen-Filter
Uniram Heavywall Dripline
Filters Backflush Controller
NMC Controller
Fertikit 3G
Ultra Sonic Water Meter
Automatic Backflush Media Filters
Meganet Sprinkler
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