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High-Efficiency Sulfur Nutrition and Soil Conditioning

Premium Granulated Sulfur

Omya Sulfoprill is a granulated product made from ultra-fine particles of natural calcium sulfate and carbonate which are highly reactive. It improves soil structure and provides a readily available source of calcium and sulfur to the growing crop.

Calcium and sulfur are key nutrients required by all crops. Calcium deficiency results in slower root growth and damage to the tissues of developing leaves and fruit. Sulfur is required for amino acid and chlorophyll production and is especially important for nitrogen fixation in legumes. Sulfur is not stored easily in the soils from one year to the next, so crops will become deficient if additional sources are not available. Omya Sulfoprill 14 can also be used to correct sodic soils without any reduction in soil pH.

Omya Sulfoprill 14 - can be applied to crops at any time, on its own or in combination with other fertilizers, using standard spreader equipment.


Provides essential sulfur and calcium to enhance crop productivity
Improves soil structure in sodic soils
Promotes the production of proteins and chlorophyll
Adds sulfur without the acidification caused by ammonium sulfate
Applied easily with standard fertiliser spreaders
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