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Each ml contains 20mg Xylazine for parenteral administration in Cattle, Horse, Dog, Cat, sheep & Goat. Indicated where sedation is needed & as a pre-anaestheric for large operations.

1.05gm Diminaze diaceturate per 2.36gm satchet. Used in the treatment of Babesiosis, Piroplasmosis & Trypanosomiasis in animals  

Buparvaquone 5%(50mg/ml) (For treatment of all forms of theileriosis e.g East Coast Fever).Corridor disease etc


Contains 2mg Dexamethasone base per ml Can be used as an anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic agent in all animals and in the treatment of primary Ketosis in cattle. Contraindicated during the last trimester

A solution for parenteral administration in Cattle, horse, Dog, Sheep in treatment & prophylaxis of Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis. 1ml contains 120mg imodocarb dipropionate.


Contains 100mg iron (as Iron dextran) and Vitamin B12-100mg/ml Used in prophylaxis and treatment of anaemia in calves & piglets.

Each ml contains 50mg Vit E & Sodium selenite;used in treating Vit E deficienciesin calves, goats, sheep, swine;also used in preventing iron intoxication after administration of iron in piglets.


Contains Vits A,D,E, B-complex and essential Amino Acids. Used prevention & treatment of Vit deficiencies, treatment of stress and improvement of feed conversion.


Each ml contains 100mg ketoprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has analgesic & anti-pyretic activities. Indicated in managing inflammatory & painful conditions of bones, joints, colic in horses. Also used in respiratory infections, acute mastitis in cattle, and MMA in sows.


A protein hormone that is used to stimulate contraction of smooth muscle tissue in the uterus and mammary gland. Used in Mares, Sows, Cows Goats and Ewes. Each ml contains 10i.u.
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