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Get a lead start over downy mildew

|  Get a head start over downy mildew

|  Active Ingredient:     Propamocarb hydrochloride 530g/L + Fosetyl Aluminium 310g/L

|  Drench  2.5L/ha

|  Foliar 2-2.5 L/ha

Drench Previcur Energy at least 28days before rains to manage downy mildew and increase the marketability of your flower produce. Repeat drench after 30 days


  • Root density development; Excellent and increased root mass response 90 days after previcur energy drench treatment
  • Vigor of growth on stems
  • Increase in stem length on spray rose varieties and standard rose varieties
  • Increase in head size
  • Clean / disease free foliage, new shoots and stems

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