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Self adhesive labels are used in a vast array of segments. It is supplied in various die-cut shapes and sizes. Die cut in standard or tailor made shapes. A special die cutting design prevents the label from being torn off unintentionally. Adhesive is only activated in the area of contact with the product or on the primary packaging. Self-adhesive labels are easily available in various substrates sourced from us.



These labels are used for brand recognition, instructions purposes and to enhance the general appearance of the product. They come in a wide range of materials that include semigloss paper, polypropylene (both white and clear) and metallised paper (silver or gold).

They can have permanent adhesive or peelable adhesive depending on the client’s preferences and the end use of the product. To protect the label against the product or moisture, the labels are U.V varnished or laminated and this gives the label a glossy appearance that enhances its overall look. Our labels are printed using light fast ink and they can maintain their original colour even after long exposure to direct sunlight.



In a world that is increasingly becoming health and quality conscious, clients are today demanding for goods and products that are traceable to source of origin, their date of manufacture and expiration.

Because these information can easily be printed on our labels using thermal transfer printers and since they are easy and convenient to apply on the product, traceability stickers have become the preferred mode for tracing goods and products.

The information can include lot/batch numbers, manufacture and expiry dates and barcodes among others. Colour coded labels are also popularly for the purpose of traceability.

We also supply address labels where the names of the consignee is printed and this makes it easy to track the movement of goods.



Used for advertising, pricing and special offers.

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