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We distribute the best Dam Liners in Kenya which are used in reservoirs and fish ponds. They are strong, durable, UV treated and long lasting. Our dam liners are designed to get rid of leakage and evaporation in dams. They are produced from durable and strong materials which establishes your dam as a long term property asset.

Our liners allow farmers to build their own dams to harvest water for their irrigation needs. This allows farmers to have ample water for more than one season for their crops and also reduce their reliance on weather pattern, improving food security and sustaining income for the farmers.

Our installations are simple. We distribute thickness specifications of 0.5MM and 1MM. Our liners are used in an array of different applications such as commercial water catchment, aquaculture and mining projects. Made from a variety of high puncture resistant materials, it prevents contamination and allows retention and treatment. A permanent and cost-effective barrier to create new, low maintenance and easy to install waterproof reservoir bodies.

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