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The Thabiti Super Range of Product was specifically developed to improve the efficacy of the nutrients and to supply most or all of the required nutrients. Different sources for the macro-nutrient were used to manage and enhance the performance. Potential volatilization losses, phosphate fixation and chloride levers are managed. All the products contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, but also sulphur, calcium, magnesium, zinc and silicon. Silicon helps the plants to manage stressful situation.



Thabiti super Planting 17:30:6+3.5S+2Ca+0.4Zn
Thabiti super for Coffee 22:6:12+3S+4Ca+0.5Mg+0.4Zn+0.2B
Thabiti super for Tea 25:5:5+3.5S+5.5Ca+1Mg+0.5Zn+0.3B
Thabiti super for Rice Planting 11:23:22+2S+1.5Ca+0.2Mg+0.1Zn+0.1B
Thabiti super for Rice Topdressing 30:1:11+4S+2.5Ca+1Mg
Thabiti super for Potato Planting 13:26:13+3S+2Ca+1Mg+0.2Zn+0.1B+0.2Mn
Thabiti super for Potato Topdressing 24:0:24+4S+1Ca+0.2Mg+0.1Zn+0.1B+0.1Mn
Thabiti Cereal Topdressing 40N+6.5S

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